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Blackwood, short film, 2018


Following mother and son, Mary and David, Blackwood is comedy-drama set in small town Australia. The film intertwines spoken word with traditional narrative form to explore the intricacies of family, self love and empowerment, and more subtly; the social politics that exist within Australia.


Faro Musodza - Mary

Dalitso Mtunga - David

Landry Berewa - Samuel

Emmanuel Mgbadiefe - Terrence



Vuyo Loko - Scout

Mahalia Brown - Sandy

Nicholas Cartledge - Steve

festivals and screenings.

63rd BFI London Film Festival

43rd Atlanta Film Festival

25th Palm Springs Shortfest

8th Blackstar Film Festival

10th Cinefest Oz 

29th Flickerfest


55th Chicago International Film Festival

8th Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF)

3rd Africa On Screen Film Festival Melbourne

14th Jacksonville Film Festival

38th Filmschoolfest Munich

+ more

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